BOE Mezcla CeroCaida Shampoo - 12 oz.

Boe Maravisus Mezcla CeroCaida Shampoo Intensive Capillary MIX con FibroActive mas the fall of the hair is produced by weaknesses of the scalp caused by external agents and for me scalp dehydration. Thanks to his natural formula with essential active agents (urticadiotica, cinnamoum, olea european and FibroActive) the Shampoo CeroCaida Maravisus, stabilizes the pH giving deep moisturizing to the scalp, retaining the humidity, strengthening the hair and helping to prevent the hair fall.

Directions: Apply Shampoo CeroCaida Maravisus on wet hair, massage, rinse with abundant water. Repeat washing three times for best result.

Made in Dominican Republic by Boe Cosmetics

BOE Mezcla CeroCaida Shampoo - 12 oz.
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